System Design Basics

How do you use the message queue to design a newsfeed notification system like Facebook?

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What is Message Queue?

System Design 101

When do you use caching in a system design?

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An introduction to the Client-Server model

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Client-Server architecture

How do you design a photo-sharing service like Instagram?

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System Design 101

How popular sites handle huge number of requests

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Load Balancer

Getting Started

A step by step guide on designing a system

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  • The…

Simple activities to remove negative thoughts in your daily life

relax, overcome negativity
relax, overcome negativity
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System design analysis of a web service that provides a shortened URL

#UrlShorteningService #tinyURL #systemdesign
#UrlShorteningService #tinyURL #systemdesign
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Links of all the articles in one place

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System design related articles:

Articles related to Design Patterns:

Links for Non-Technical Articles:

Availability is a key characteristic of Distributed Systems.

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According to Wikipedia, Availability is generally defined as uptime divided by total time (uptime plus downtime)

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